THE COVID-19 2020 WORLD WAR. A poem by Michael O Meara

I remember when going to school and learning about the history of many of the countries of the world. The one thing that all of these countries had experienced was ‘WAR’. The types of war were many and varied.
1. War against ones neighbor was the most common. There was always some quarrel over land somewhere along the adjoining borders.
2. War between countries of different religions.
3. Civil war where the country was divided on political or moral grounds where father fought against son and son against son to the death.
4. World wars where different countries amalgamated together and fought each other.

The results of all of these efforts had the same conclusion.
1. The winner was always right.
2. History was written to show that the other side was evil and bad.
3. Death was the most common factor counted in the millions.
There was of course periods of peace here and there where the winners enjoyed their victory and the vanquished paid the price for having lost. But over a period of years the losing side would build itself up and start another war. Sometimes their side would win and it was their turn to enjoy the spoils of war.
Today we have a new war. It is being fought worldwide only this World War has a common enemy, it is a virus. It is not the first and I feel sure that it will not be the last. The common denominator in all countries affected by this virus is death and economic ruin.
The one thing common in all countries affected is the ‘HERO’S’ of this battle. They are not Kings or Queens, Generals or Admirals; they are to be found in all levels of our Health and Social Services. Doctors, Nurses, Care Assistants, Cleaners and a multitude of others who are treating the sick and dying. Giving succor to many others all over the world. They themselves are exposed to this Pandemic daily and many have paid with their lives the price of this battle. When all is done and this battle won there will be statues erected to these Hero’s. History will record their efforts and sacrifice and hopefully they will be remembered for being the Hero”s that they are.

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