The Birds Still Sing, The Masking Season and The Balancing Act. Three poems by Jacinta McParland

The Birds Still Sing

The streets are bare, we are scarcely there,
Shelves, we ravaged amidst the scare,
Yet birds still soar and sing their tune,
A beacon of hope amidst the viral gloom,

The flowers start blooming, welcoming a spring,
That we never imagined that life would bring,
It’s a strange old world, full of despair,
Yet the birds still sing from their place in the air,

The flying machines that once took flight,
Have succumbed to the ground, almost overnight,
Yet the birds still sing, almost in glee,
Reclaiming their skies from the metal enemy,

Financial strife hits all oh so hard,
Stock markets collapse like a pack of cards,
Yet the birds sing in richness, no money they need,
Happily removed from the world of greed,

The fog has lifted, the commutes no more,
The skies are bluer than ever before,
Less jobs, less money, less enormous wealth,
Yet the birds sing brighter in their glorious health,

Hospitals are burdened, front liners in stress,
An invisible force has brought all this mess,
Patients gasping for air, what we take for granted,
Yet the birds sing loudly in our world so enchanted….


The Masking Season

A new accessory is now the trend,
A horrible sight, like the world at its end,
A piece of cloth tied back with bands,
A visible accompaniment to the scrubbing of hands,

Traded like currency, through supply and demand,
Some stolen, some hoarded and some contraband,
A sacred necessity, with worth like gold,
A privilege to those lucky to behold,

Green, white, and blue are the colours on display,
With designer production well underway,
A future essential to the modern day handbag,
Who would have thought, the fate of a rag,

Under this guise the owner is weak,
Fearful and distrusting, some solace they seek,
An invisible enemy has invaded their space,
Indifferent to politics, religion or race,

This shield is the best friend to those at the front,
The unsung heroes who will bear the brunt,
It’s their saviour, their defense and, at times, a lifeline,
How much, this fabric, we did undermine,

As with fashion, the mask should fade out,
And we return to freedom and from the rooftops we shout,
Yet still we’ll keep it stashed away in some place,
With the hope that it does not return to the face…

The Balancing Act

Once in a lifetime our world is shaken,
And through the turmoil our senses awaken,
Where once we saw black we now see white,
As priorities are straightened, under a different light,

The skies, smog-ridden, once desperately unclean,
Have now been cleared leaving air so pristine,
The seismic noise from our commuting grind,
Has lessened greatly as we are forced to unwind,

The river, the flower, that we once never saw,
Are now parts of life that we look at in awe,
Our walks once functional to get here and there,
Now a daily treat, that with our loved ones we share,

A meal at the table, once a chore on its own,
Now a family ritual and a conversation zone,
The working mum, with her guilt ridden feat,
Is returned to her children and her home office retreat,

The teacher’s role both fulfilling and ruling,
Is loaned back to the parent in the form of homeschooling,
A new found appreciation for the great outdoors
As sport is “al dentro” on mats and floors,

Social calendars filled with friends and lovers,
Replaced by one’s dearest as the family unit recovers,
The birthday event once a lavish do,
Takes the form of good wishes as true friendships shine through,

The old shopping experience once fuelling our greed,
Now a thing of the past as basic foods precede,
The former customer of the monstrous shopping chain
Has rightly become the farmer’s gain,

The reality star, is thought of no more
As the front line worker defends to the core,
No Hollywood glam, nor riches they boast,
Yet their skills and their honour we treasure the most,

Our world unbalanced has turned many degrees,
And has brought us humbly down to our knees,
An unrivaled power we once undermined,
The universe’s response to the acts of mankind


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