Thankful. A poem by Andrew Buller

There’s nothing to be thankful for
Do not let anyone tell you
Life has its treasures
Laughter and pleasures
There is always
Fighting and famine
Downing and damning
Recession, repression
Omission, aggression
Pandemics, hysterics
It is not all
Dawn chorus bird song
Hot summers stretched long
Windows of brightness
Small acts of kindness
Smiles of a loved one
New chapters begun
Everyone only sees darkness
Do not think that
Thankfulness can be found today

(Now read from bottom to top)


I am a children’s author and illustrator. Alongside this, I have been writing poetry over the last two years. In early 2020 my first collection of poems were published. Further details can be found at:


  1. Amazing poem Andrew! You are very talented.

  2. Good to see a positive view of the world following all the doom and gloom.

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