Telepathy. A poem by David Eagar

Good day, a voice appeared to say.
‘Appeared’ as it was hesitant.
Somewhat unsure if greet or comment,
As these are the strangest of days,
Like no other

Our lives, seeds lifting off for air to
Play with, this way and that, destination

Our minds, stretched each and every way,
From the basics, meals taken, hygiene
To memories, caught in nets of time as we
Flail that air, capturing what we can,
Looking those times square on, eyeballing,
Ear-worming them before they too lift off,
Seed like in their going moments

Friends and family populate cavernous
Voids of our yearning, this bemusement
They know, too.

As telepathy has taken hold, so

This was a good day…
For all one might say


Retired ‘countryside planning’ professional who grew up on the Welsh Irish Sea coast.

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