Talk About. A poem by Thomas Fahey

The shape of our innocence was mirrored in our presence
Unprepared we were for disturbance
Unarmed we were too, to deal with any consequence
Dealing with an emergence,
alien in it’s appearance
Unbeknown this ‘venusian’
decided to migrate into our atmosphere
Guessing, that’s where it came from, It’s not welcome here
This non-native has made itself at home
A harbinger of doom and gloom
It grows stronger among those who presume
That they are physically strong, able to fight anything
But this alien has the power to reduce one to nothing
Strip the human resources
of it’s defensive mechanism
Making itself at home in the
body like a growing unwanted neoplasm
Trapping the weak leaving them debillated
This vortex of covid is this unforgiving whirlwind
Leaving lives destroyed
Families decimated
Children parentless
We have to fight, get ourselves out of this mess
It’s all we have talked about
It’s all we will talk about
We have dealt with one wave
Can’t allow a second wave
We have to change the way we behave
Covid-19, Yes, it’s a worry, even frightening
Co-operation is required
Then our lives just may brighten
No room for complacency
If we all want to defeat this entity
There is work to be done
Time to erase the curve
Destroy this pestilence
Return to our existence
To enjoy life again in all its excellence.


Retired Ex-Soldier.

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