Sunset from the West Pier. A poem by Layla Moroney⁣

As the sun sets to close another day⁣
And the boats still gently sway⁣
Hues of pinks and blues collide⁣
And soft waves are turning with the tide⁣
The wind blows gently, a cooling breeze⁣
And below , the fish just swim with ease⁣
Rising up from the sea is Howth Head⁣
And two chimneys watch over the Dubliners, adorned in their stripes white and red⁣
The two metre distance signposted, clearly for all to see⁣
And the grey heron stands on his solitary rock, happy to let things just be⁣
The Dart passes by, seats empty, a sign of the times some might say⁣
But the sun will still rise in the morning⁣
And the boats will still gently sway ⁣
And the boats will still gently sway. ⁣


Bio & Link Layla shares her every day thoughts and poetry on her Instagram page. She has work published in Bray Arts Journal and has read her poetry at various events.

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  1. Love the imagery. This is myfavourite time of the day. I like the repeated last line too.

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