Suffering’s Truth. A poem by Andrew Buller

Is that silver in skies of grey,
Light piercing through the heavy squall?
I call Mum’s friend to chat each day
For she only sees the same blank wall.
Frame redundant in tiny hall,
Remembering where it used to stray.
Faint smile flickers in memory’s recall –
Can suffering open truth today?

Is there purpose in time’s decay?
Repeating question since the fall.
Enforced space lets thought stream astray,
No longer bound by rational.
Tears flow freely in waterfall,
Declaring that it’s washing day;
Soaking into the choking shawl –
Can suffering open truth today?

Families laugh as their children play,
Forgotten ways, that creep and crawl.
Rush and stress no more hold sway,
A neighbour makes a caring call.
The greatest gifts are often small
As others sit to pause and pray.
New rhythms emerge before nightfall –
Can suffering open truth today?

Prince responds to prayer’s faithful
Through the gift left at her doorway.
Kindness reaches out through the cruel
As suffering opens truth today.


I am a children’s author and illustrator. Alongside this, I have been writing poetry over the last two years. Within the last month my first collection of poems were published. Further details can be found here.

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