Staggering. A Poem by Michael Estabrook

I don’t watch “The News” on TV. Not proud of that honestly. But The News” is simply too too too depressing and life is tough enough these days without making it completely unbearable.

And yet, and yet, the continuous updates about the pandemic squeeze into my consciousness through every little crack and crevice overwhelming me with foreboding about the Corona COVID-19 Global Viral Killer Pandemic Apocalypse is staggering, simply STAGGERING:

Emails from doctors, hospitals, banks, credit card companies even the fucking Toyota dealer and the guy trying to s ell me windows expressing concern over my wellbeing (and reminding me they are open ready and willing to take my money)

The three seconds it takes to skip from one station to the next splatters the updates, the statistics, on the daily infections and the death toll into my consciousness

Every commercial features some jackass sitting in a room by himself wiping up a spill with the newest 17-ply paper towel or feeding the stupid dog with the latest stupid dog food formula

Even the talentless moron on the local “News” who normally announces what potholes will be filled that day reminds you to wash your hands and practice social fucking distancing

Through all the uncertainty of this pandemic I have become certain of one thing for sure: insanity will get me way before the damn virus does.

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