Soon. A Poem by Amy O’Connor

We’re in this life restricted.
A place we have not been before.
So, I go to my dreams to be free
and be all yours once more.

To sail among the stars at night.
To dare to hug the moon.
I know I will be yours once more, my friend.
I know it will be soon.


Amy O Connor was born in Tipperary, Ireland. She spent much of her early twenties travelling the world to experience different cultures and has lived in both Barcelona, Spain and Toronto, Canada. Amy always had an innate passion for the pen, but in recent years has developed a great love for poetry and its cathartic ways. She published her debut anthology, ‘A Beautiful Complexity’, in 2019 after writing her way through a number of difficult life events. She studied journalism at university and now works in communications and resides in Cork, Ireland.

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