Silence is (not so) Golden. A poem by Damien Carroll

Inside my dream world
the orchestra rises with
nectarous melodies
in a whirl of dance
between choral and chord,
of Amadeus and arias
supported by
wavebands of wistfulness,
with notions of nostalgia
behind traces of yearning
upended by euphoria
massaged by the maracas,
the audiences’ tensions
whipped up by
crash cymbals and tom-toms
wrapped in a warm bubble
of delicious phrases
created through
an interaction of
melody harmony and rhythm,
directed by a baton
as sensitive as
it is fierce and unforgiving,
generating the space
for this ensemble
to reach my soul,
thus avoiding the real world
where a very loud silence is
rapidly spreading.
Damien Carroll is a child of Dublin. As he was born in February his horoscope suggests that he is honest and known for being one of a kind. That line says everything about Damien, never believe in your horoscope.

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