Did it take this
to notice your evening
routine ?

There, with the low tide well out
feeding away. Is it your tea
or have you got a late night dinner date ?

Do you notice less traffic
on coast road to Howth ?
No more rush hour hustle to mess with
your head.

You waddle about in cabbage green
algae .
The distant shouts of children at play.

Shelduck, red beaked
brown banded chest.
The luminous yellow runners go by
timing themselves against the mortal

Did it take this
to show that we too must
share this earth ?

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  1. Beautiful! I identify with the sense of freedom experienced by the ,Shelduck ‘ on Bull Island, because of the Covid19 virus. As a reader I must ask the question, ‘Has the poet, like the Shelduck,’ also welcomed freedom?

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