Security Only in Schedules. A poem by Danielle Wong

She has been forced home
surrounded by technology
repeating the same bad news
that has destroyed her schedules
that have kept her all this time
feeling safe

Security is fragile
breaking without warning

Weekly social clubs
reborn as daily while school days
suddenly just once a week
cause obsessive compulsive
re-listening to unknown news
broadcasts of known faces
while she mourns her previous life
that she lets go

Security is fragile
breaking without warning

She goes for bike rides
and long walks each chance she gets
dancing away the bad news
not wanting to return to
the travelling or the classrooms
best at home

Security is fragile
breaking without warning


Danielle Wong is the author of Bubble Fusion, a collection of poems about raising a child with autism. Her other work has appeared in Soft Cartel, Montreal Writes, Tipton Poetry, The Daily Drunk, Kalopsia Lit, as well as various anthologies. She enjoys losing herself in forests. Visit her at

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