Scones in the Time of Covid. A poem by Eva Creely

Is this what we have come to
As the highlight of the weekend?
A small round tin
With just two raspberry scones

Is this where life’s adventures have brought us?
From trekking deserts, climbing Himalayas
And seeing sunrise and sunset on other continents
To a small Irish garden lush with fruit

Joining in a harvest, with helping hands
Both grown and small, but no hugging
Conversations held outside
A cuppa on the doorstep. Then home again

Later that day, unlike us
The pics circulate far and wide -even to India
And after a flurry of baking
The red tin arrives

Just two fresh raspberry scones
Ah, but they are emissaries of more than that
Of love given and received in every crumb
And that is world enough for now.


Eva is becoming a ‘Covid’ writer through and through with the support of colleagues in the Inslingers from the Irish Writers Cente and the Pen to Paper group in Fighting Words. She has been published in a number of Inksplinter Anthologies to date. Post Covid who knows?

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