Scene in a Supermarket April 2020. Drama by Mary Butler

Two old friends are queuing, two metres apart, for the checkout.
Eileen: “Did you see your man? Cannot believe it. He picked up two bananas and just walked out.”
Nicola: “Really? Whadidhe look like?”
Eileen: “Not young. Had a colouredy mask on”
Nicola: “Maybe he was hungry, Eileen.”
Eileen: “Huh. Or just robbing. Did you get everything you need?”
Nicola: “Nearly. They’d no Pok Choi.”
Eileen: “Pok Choi. Would you listen to her.”
Nicola: “I love them. They’re so crunchy. Even Des eats them with ham. And they’re short of eggs again. Must be the Avian ‘flu.”
Eileen: “That’s all we need.”
Nicola: “Move up there. Excuse me. You can go there. You’ve only a basket. Go on. She’s free.”
Eileen: “Should we say anything about yer man?”
Nicola: “With the bananas? He’s long gone. Ooch.”
Eileen: “What’s wrong?”
“Just a bit dizzy. Whoo. I’ll be…”
Eileen: “Nicola. Nicola hang on. Oh dear. Excuse me. Hello? My friend isn’t well. Take it easy Nicola. They’re coming. I’ll take your messages. Thanks. The floor? Okay. Right. Nicola, easy, sit down here, they’re calling an ambulance. Nicola. C’mon. Where’s your phone till I ring Des? Don’t think he’ll be getting any Pok Choi tonight.”


Mary Butler is a journalist and author whose also had short stories in New Irish Writing and on RTE Radio 1.

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