Sanctuary. A poem by Elaine Larkin @elainelarkin

You can reel them off
Quickly, without a pause,
I’d bet
The places you feel safe, have felt safe.
The people you always feel comfortable around
The combination of both, rare but memorable
They are your sanctuaries.
Sanctuary is no longer defined in this way
The people, the places alone
Are not enough
At home, with loved ones does not a sanctuary make
The concept is time constrained
Neither today, yesterday or tomorrow
It is weeks back
When raging winter flus
Were all that bugged us
When we spoke of booking flights, escapes
And planned communions, confirmations, weddings
Festivals, festivities, activities
Sanctuary is a different time
Gone with daylight savings
It is a shimmering oasis somewhere
In the desert that lies ahead
Perhaps. Or is it behind us?

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