Role Reversal by Jacinta McParland


A woman’s true worth for centuries undermined,
Inequality known and payroll unaligned,
How utterly injust when it seems to be,
That she leads us better through calamity,

Accustomed to sacrifice, ignoring own personal needs,
A broken career path as her partner’s supersedes,
These selfless skills though, at present save lives,
The highest salute to our mothers and wives,

An expert in crises through her multi-tasking juggle,
Calm outward approach disguising any inner struggle,
This confident strength is our most superior guide,
As she navigates us carefully through this rollercoaster ride,

The blend of good judgement and her reliable intuition,
Programmed to prioritize as she completes each daily mission,
These traits so ingrained have aided her undertaking,
As she leads her country through vital decision-making,

Emotion and empathy are not her handicap,
Her suite of skills a mockery of any gender gap,
Harmony of family life and the boardroom she has earned,
Never underestimate her ability, a pandemic lesson learned

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