Requiem for life as we know it. A poem by Maria Jordan O’Reilly

Woman, womb, genesis,
Dawn, inception, origin, source, and cradle.
Emergence and rise of ancestral lineage
Nurtured, fostered, cultivated across the centuries
Fostered, and reared tenderly, and with fierce love
Place of sanctuary and refuge
Place of safety and protection
At times offering only shade from harshness
At other times totally secluded, withdrawn and protecting in its isolation.
Our very core, the genesis of every being on this planet.
Origin of our adaptability, our aptitude for survival
Origin of every brilliant, vibrant, creative bone that exists in our humanity
Every one of us has bee n held thus, within the womb
Just as every one of us is held by mother earth
Together we stand strong, particularly when we face a common foe.
And now, just as we feel that we have this earth under our spell,
It comes, raging through the world
This nanoscopic plague.


An artistic soul in a body that is getting older and a bit creaky at times. I love taking time to create words and images and to tap into my imagination. Currently, my work continues to evolve, ever-changing, as I explore and delve into different processes, tools and techniques. My pieces are organically created, growing from my emotions and day-to-day lived experience. All are quite unique, and each piece adds to my body of work and indeed feeds into my ideas for future pieces. Some days paint and brush call to me and demand expression, and others it is the pen that is most salient. Occasionally each inspire the other, and pen and brush; paint and words; come together in a flurry of thoughts that neither one can quite hold alone. One thing I do know, with every venture towards expression, is that the outcome is never guaranteed, much like life itself! https://creativecornuc

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