Remembrance, Tsunami, Isolation and Stuck on Repeat. Poetry by Pat Doran


For those left to die on their own,
struggling with the fear of the unknown,
I would like to remember you in this poem.

For all their family and friends
who were unable to be with them at the end,
I would like to remember you in this poem.

For the Doctors and Nurses who tried their best,
working day and night without rest,
I would like to remember you in this poem.

For the ordinary people who did as they were told
in order to try and protect our old,
I would like to remember you in this poem.

For all the nations of the world
who stood together as this pandemic unfurled,
I would like to remember you in this poem.


Grandparents being taken
without a chance to say goodbye,
grandchildren left devastated
and asking for the reason why.

No final embrace as a stranger
stands by their side,
a stranger battling heroically
to try and turn back this tide.

A tsunami of death
is heading our way,
as brave heroes fight the surge
the rest of us pray.

Grandparents being buried
without their loved ones near,
grandchildren watch from a distance
their eyes filled with tears.


The world has been
placed in isolation,
a virus arrived
and attacked every nation.

Planes have had to
stop flying
in order to try and prevent
people from dying.

Stock markets have been
put in a spin
as governments struggle
to find a way to win.

Pumping money
into their economies
can only be seen as
a short term remedy.

Scientists are working overtime
searching for a cure
while people are reaching the limit
to what they can endure.

Some politicians were too quick
with their opinions
and now their nations are paying
for their decisions.

Faces of refugees have disappeared
from our screens,
replaced by celebrities
cashing in on their quarantine.

No one can say with any assurance
what happens next
as this virus strain
continues to perplex.

Stuck on Repeat

I have lost track
of the days
I am just here waiting
on the next phase.

Television in the corner
is stuck on repeat,
I look out the window
but no one is on my street.

Scroll through my phone
and stop on Facebook
nothing new there
so I log on to Tik Tok,

I spend a few minutes watching
people who think they are funny
then I go out to the garden
and wait until it gets sunny.

The birds sing as if
nothing is wrong
they do not even notice
all the people have gone.


Pat Doran is from Enniscorthy Co. Wexford. He has published four collections of poetry in the last three years. Find out more on

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