Rationed. A Poem by Christine Doran

No more than two cartons of eggs per customer, it said

But take as many words as you need, and whip up poems and stories to feed to the bored, restless people

Your stimulus cheque may not arrive for a while

But all the words are right here and you don’t even need to hoard them; use them to write articles and papers to share the truth and the science and the hope

Don’t go to work, close the schools, stay home from church and don’t meet your book club

Locate the words already there on your bookshelf at home and inhale deeply, to lose yourself and forget

More are being flown in daily to Kindles and e-readers, coming as quickly as you need them, just ask

Stay close to home if you go for a walk, wear a mask if you need to go shopping, don’t take unnecessary journeys (thanks, Theresa)

Take comfort and give comfort generously, with all the words you like and more

They won’t run out.

Christine Doran is a born and bred southside Dubliner, but she lives in Maryland now.

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