Quarantine. A poem by Cillian Keogh

Quarantine, Oh Quarantine,
All of this because of Covid 19,
We all have to stay indoors,
And now everyone is bored,
This is the worst virus that I’ve ever seen!

Even though we have the sun,
Not everyone is having fun,
Out of all the channels that we can choose,
We’re all tuning in for the news,
And all of us children have to get our work done!


  1. Super Cillian – delighted that you have become a published poet!

  2. Great poem Cillian- well done!

  3. Well done Cillian! Lovely thoughts and ideas! You are certainly using your time well!

  4. Fantastic Cillian! I’m so proud to see your poem published. Well done!

  5. Well done, I Love the poem Cillian

  6. Thanks everyone!

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