Pendemic submissions to close on 10 August 2020

As our worlds open up, it’s time for this little community to close up shop. We started this project with no master plan and have been bowled over by its reception and success. We started this project to document this moment in time and we had no anticipation that the result would be this rich archive of writing. You may have read our announcement a few months ago that the entire collection will be preserved by the Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library so we can rest easy that your work will be available for generations to come.

We would like to thank each and every contributor for sharing your pandemic experience with us. Your comments underneath the posts and on twitter have brought us closer together and we really appreciate the time you have dedicated to Pendemic and our contributors.

Don’t worry, we will be keeping the site live for your perusal. We hope to use this time to both improve the reading experience and to consider other ways of keeping the work alive. We hope our lives do get back to some sort of normal and that this site has served its purpose. However, we don’t know what way this awful pandemic will play out so never say never.

Thanks again and mind yourselves,

Joy, Liz, Niall and Ruth


  1. Thank you all, for providing this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed the posts and have been happy to add my own contribution as well.

    May we all come safely through this time of Pandemic.


    1. Go raibh míle maith agat

  2. To Joy, Liz, Niall, Ruth,
    Thank you so much for Pendemic.
    You have done trojan work during this time. It has been a joy to read the submissions and to submit. For the future there us a unique record of 2020.
    You should be proud if your innovative response to Corona Virus.
    It is a rare thing for me to subscribe to anything but I am very glad I did.
    I wish you every success for the days and years ahead.
    Take care and stay safe

    1. Thanks Trish and hopefully we won’t have to re-open the submissions because that would mean the country is closing again. Stay well, Joy

  3. Thank you for this beautiful initiative!

    1. Thanks Bindiya, we’ve really enjoyed reading submissions from all over the world.

  4. Well done to all at Pendemic, not just for the concept but for the way in which it was developed and established as a platform open to all. Thank you for supporting this community of pen wielders. Eva

  5. Thank you so much for Pendemic – it has been one of the really good things happening in this time. It has been so interesting and moving, reading everybody’s very different writing around the same subject and a real treat to feel like part of a community – and an open and welcoming one at that … and that it will all be archived is just icing on the cake!. Cheers y’all – you are stars ! What are you doing next ? X A

  6. Pendemic will always be a part of this whole thing for me. It made me feel less alone during lockdown, feeling that I did have a voice and it could be heard.
    Heartfelt thanks.

  7. Thanks Folks. Stay Safe

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