Once Upon A Time. A poem by Josephine McCann

Once upon a time there was certainty.
Day followed night. Night became day.
Rising from its slumber in the east, the sun
Would beam its rays on the Earth below,
Arch overhead in orbit, before its light
Slunk into the west to give us darkness.

There was a time, when nature
And its seasons told us when to plant,
Nurture, harvest and enjoy
Spoils of the earth.
With the invention of clocks
And watches widely worn, time
Became mechanical and dictatorial. Man
Decreed when to rise, work, play and retire.

The earth no longer flat,
Man around the globe could travel.
Exposed to exotic foods and new ways.
Horizons widened, expectations grew.
Goods, knowledge, experience gained abroad
Brought home to one’s native shore.
Man now in command
Nature within his control.

Welcome 2020!


Thanks for this opportunity. Stay safe, healthy and sane.

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  1. Well said love

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