On your bike! A poem by Liam Flanagan

Where are all the bicycles coming from?

I have an idea let’s go for a cycle

Maybe stop somewhere and get a popsicle!

Hang on a second everything is closed Let’s go anyway because staying indoors is taking its toll

I haven’t been on a bike in twenty years

I should put on some stabilizers in case this ends in tears

If we go fast enough

Nobody will give us any guff!

All of a sudden half the country thinks they are Stephen Roche

Doing no harm as long as there is no encroach

In training for the Tour De France

Imagining making the grade if given a chance

Breaking news the race has been cancelled

Your dreams of a yellow jersey

Will have to wait until after the


Going along the road like ducks on

a lake

I hope they all have breaks for their own sakes!!!

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