Nature is showing off. A poem by Eileen Counihan

flexing her muscles
with a sly grin,
reclaiming the planet
from our careless hands

skies free from jet streams
dandelions allowed to roam
foxes run down Grafton Street
fish swim in Venetian canals

birdsong, drowned out for decades,
fills the early morning air,
icy pebbles shimmer
in eerily transparent seawater

our faces lift to April sun –
awestruck and silent,
a dawning realisation that we are
no longer masters of the world

just nature’s witnesses
grateful for her kindness,
fearful of her whimsy.


I usually write short stories but am currently trying to finish a novel (which was longlisted in the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair 2020).

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  1. Fantastic work

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