Mother Nature Strikes Back. A poem by Roger Hudson

She’s toying with us now
Is Mother Nature
She knows she’s got us humans
On the run

Her agent Covid
Did the job she asked for
Kill enough to put the frighteners
On the bastards
Their fear will do the rest
I’ll sit and wait

They’ll shut things down
And hide indoors
And think they’ve pulled a fast one
Saved many millions more
From getting dead

But cars no longer belch
Planes no longer fly
Factories are silent
Air is clean
Birds and insects
Flutterby and fly

When they creep out
And try to start up
I can hit them once again
With a mutation
They’re not prepared for
Throw them
Into panic once again

For I have to save my planet
From the plaguey little pests
They’re the biggest enemy ever
I’ll let them know I’m not in jest


Roger is a page and performance poet with three collections Lifescapes, Grey bell Wood and Beyond, Plaything of the Great God Kafka and CD San Francisco Dreaming behind him. Hidden in Green will appear later in the year.

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