Mirror Mirror and A Songbird’s Cry. Two poems by Cheryl Jones

Mirror mirror, avert your gaze,
To fields of golden corn.
Where sweet sun’s ray’s in shadows dance,
And barefeet children play.

Mirror, mirror don’t reflect,
Your misery and gloom.
Don’t flicker your pain upon my eyes,
And feed my overflowing tears.

Mirror, mirror lie to me,
With images of prosperous lands.
Cripple my senses, hold my breath,
Save me from reality’s throne.

Mirror, mirror show me a future,
Where time has cleansed bad memories
When stagnant waters no longer smell,
And rivers flow freely into the sea.

A Songbird’s Cry

As scientific theorists,
Peruse the perimeters.
Socratic acolytes.
Cogitate their fate.

Love is oblivious,
Compassion exhaled.
Angels are demonised,
Goodwill erased.

As masks peeled back,
And souls stripped bare.
Human natures conscience,
Painfully askew.

Global uncertainty,
Eclipse the frame.
Unearthing the sword,
Sharpening the blade.

A malignant spoon,
Stirs the cauldron.
Diluting life’s essence,
With irrefutable gloom.

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