Miasma (12). A poem by Mark Wilson

Through the drone’s eyes, we perceive
a section of New York State, where leaning
men in helmets lever the wooden boxes
down into a wide trench; a Caterpillar
alleviates, then implements their leverage,
whilst blind soil’s pushed over to blanket.

Through the drone’s eyes – third-angle
orthographic plan-view, we apply
previous imagery of ‘mass-burial’, super-
impose our Rorschach-Block recognition.

Through the drone’s eyes, we’re emboldened
to declare this, that or some other caveat;
but the bird of auger, the bird of portent,
borne on antiseptic wings, hovers alone
& maintains, throughout, its wordless hum.

Only humans choose to interpret.

Bio & Link
Mark Wilson has previously published four poetry collections: Quartet For the End of Time (Editions du Zaporogue, 2011), Passio (Editions du Zaporogue, 2013), The Angel of History (Leaky Boot Press, 2013) and Illuminations (Leaky Boot Press, 2016). He is also the author of a verse-drama, One Eucalyptus Seed, about the arrest and incarceration of Ezra Pound after World War Two. His poems and articles have appeared in: The Black Herald, The Shop, 3:AM Magazine, International Times, The Fiend, Epignosis Quarterly, Dodging the Rain and Le Zaporogue.

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