Make use of the time off. A verse in rhyme by Peter Costello

Enjoy the time off.
For all you people in lockdown, that are feeling a little sad
I think it’s right to share with you, a few thoughts that I’ve just had
The world has pressed the PAUSE button, to us it is very strange
But accept the situation, and let’s embrace the change
Money doesn’t matter much; all we want is to survive
And when the world resumes again, we want to be alive
Now forget about the outside world, for the moment it stands still
Spend more time with your children, it will give them such a thrill
For the first time in your lifetime, you have lots of time to spare
For them it is so special, it is so unique and rare
Up to now you were away all day, as to work you had to head
Only seeing them in the evening, before they went to bed
They will be delighted, to have Mam and Dad all day
To tell them lots of stories, and join them as they play
They have your full attention, where nothing intervenes
You truly can’t imagine, just how much that really means
You can teach them many useful things, like how to bake and cook
And they will listen with excitement, as you read tales from a book
You can go down on your hands and knees, and roll around on the floor
Give them lots of hugs and cuddles, and things that they adore
They will not forget those special days, and all the joyful scenes
It will help them on their path in life, to become caring human beings
When they reminisce in years to come, this won’t be a bitter pill
In fact they will be so grateful, for the time the world stood still
So make the most of this lockdown, enjoy and don’t be stressed
There will be plenty time for all of that, when the PLAY button is pressed
This is such a precious time, for children, husbands, wives
And there is an added bonus, by staying home you are saving lives

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