Love is! A poem by Thomas Desmond

Wrapped together in isolation
Because we choose to
We sit together in an ancient watch first swallows
Fly in, to begin to build, again
A home away from home
Drawn to this season of the heart
And strange too the way
The ancients knew vibrations
Could sense a pulse that drew
Them to a place, a haven
In a silence.. Where
The very air was sacred
Where an unseen presence
Was ever present
Like a silent drum that beat
Life’s rhythm in the heart
Knowing those whose tune was true
They too when called would come
But love is not a place we come to
To park the heart and leave it there
Love is not a destination
Or an ending to a journey
Love is a struggle in darkness
Like this dark out there today
Where all we can do
Is put our best foot forward
And start!


I’m from Waterford City and have not been published before with the exception of 1 poem in the local newspaper! I’ve worked as an archaeologist for 30 years!

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