Love in the Time of Quarantine. A poem by Niki Mullins

Eyes that opened to lover’s eyes so aligned,
Watch the same stars now from different inclines,
Neons cross the aeons of space and time.

Hands, seemingly, inseparably entwined,
Reaching out for yours as you reach for mine,
Trapped flesh in the mesh of space and time.

Lips that whispered the sweetest rhyme,
Rhythmless when converted to digital line,
Scrambled in the bandwidth of space and time.

Proud hearts beat out in single chime,
Pulse still limply on, disavowing decline,
Pale ghosts at the outposts of space and time.

Yet, entangled particles sometimes recombine,
Unpicking the stitching of space and time.


Niki Mullins is originally from Cork, Ireland and currently works as a Medicinal Research Chemist in Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. He has previously been published in “The Quarryman Vol 3” (University College Cork) and more recently in “Better Than Starbucks”.

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