Loud and Clear. A poem by Caroline Stevens-Taylor

I felt quite sad today, more so than usual, in these unusual times
Two NHS nurses died
Caring for the likes of you and me, where
So far, the virus is denied
I thank God for my sanctuary, the safety of my home
But now these women’s children will feel so alone
Oh proud of them they may be, but what a price to pay
The hope that their mothers, would come home from work today
A hope that now is hopeless, they cared, until the bitter end
They were more than just nurses, they were mothers, daughters, friends
This virus doesn’t discriminate, we hear that loud and clear
The front line staff still plough ahead, though they must feel the fear
Take time to really understand of what it is they ask
To stay at home, safe and sound and be diligent in that task
Many people are crying tonight, for the loss that they must bare
So help yourself and each other out, by proving that you care
So stay inside without complaint or any kind of resistance
If you must go out for a while, remember to keep your distance
Say a prayer for those who suffer and those who’ve lost their life
Remember it could be you or me, your husband or your wife
Your siblings or your children, your parents all at risk
Accept and adapt to all the changes,
it’s for your life and safety, of course you know it is
Before I go to sleep tonight I’ll have them in my thoughts
The nurses and all frontline staff for the bravery they have brought
And the sacrifices that they make each and every day
I hope their families feel some comfort from gratitude send their way
For they really are the heroes fighting to keep us safe
So do your bit to stay at home so this virus won’t proliferate


I am a 55 year old female and like to write about anything and everything. It may be a poem, a blog or something from a prompt. I just like to write. Here is my blog.

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