Losing Weight by Jessica Pape

Once I leave the house on
Two wheels
I am becoming a different person
Several stones lighter,
Suddenly younger, one or two decades
At least
Seeing people
Cycling past coffee shops
Slowly opening for take awayPassing people on the pavement
Keeping their 2m distance by walking
Into the middle of the road
Irish pavements were not made for

Until finally I reach the sea
Blue, turquoise sense of Nice
Blackrock diving tower glowing bright behind
Big CLOSED signs, next to swimmers
On the beaches nearby

Surprised by people smiling at me
Before suddenly, it seems
Natural that they do, as I must have a huge grin
Across my face without knowing

In line at the Coco Café for my
Club Sandwich, nerves tingling
Excitement –
Biggest social event in weeks!

Until time runs out and
I have to return home
To domestic bliss

Getting a little bit heavier
Around every corner
Ageing a year, a minute
The closer I get

Jessica Pape moved from Germany to Galway in 2009, and never managed to leave. She was longlisted for the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Competition in 2019 and shortlisted for the CUIRT Spoken Word Platform 2018. She has been published in Skylight 47, Vox Galvia and Pendemic. She writes poems and short stories.

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  1. Lovely poem! I am about to buy a bike…. This was fun to read, lots of uphills where I am though!

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