Live Webcam Church, Crumlin. A poem by Christine Murray

Churchbells have been ringing
not an hour ago.
No-one is praying,
the bluebells murmur back.

Live Webcam St. Agnes R.C Church, Crumlin 10.35 am:

Two women are at
a blue-draped cross
leaning-in, pewed.

the women
(still talk)
It is 10.35 a.m.

A man ascends
the altar.

ungloved, he turns
a page in the Book.

Still, the women speak
not three inches apart
maybe closer
and back again, they
and jaw.

The bluebells murmur
“Unclean, Unclean.”

Will they place
them together
their coffins,
these great

Their feet-first
their heads
only the priest’s
head points
In these ritual things.

The bluebells murmur.
The bluebells murmur.

It is 10.39 a.m:
one of the women has left.
The second woman,
a blonde
with her long hair tied back
moves into the front
row right to the front
near the cross.

She kneels.

Two women enter
and make for the pew
where the others had been.

One of them moves down
three spaces
observing the rules
of distance
like chess.

The blonde in blue
who liked to whisper
in open ears:
pouring it in
is at the front
at the right

near the
blue-draped cross.

A man comes to the altar
carrying things
for ritual,

he touches his face
of course, he does.
He touches the book
of course, he does.

As he leaves
he bows
at distance
to another man,

who touches his face
who touches the book
changing it to the right page
(of course, it has to be right).

He wears no gloves.

Blue blonde
is at the
top on
her knees
touching things.

A woman brings flame
lights two

There will be a mass.

I leave now
The bells called them in,

and the bluebells
murmured back.


Christine Murray has provided this link.Poethead, what a great name.

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