Limits. A poem by Mig Bardsley

I am discovering my limits
Not much changed

50 comments checked and answered and agonised over
I’m done, awash in uncertainty and wordless

10 minutes chat give or take
Even at 3 metres distant
My gaze wanders with my attention
I can’t think of a new way to lie that it’s ok

1 hour on the sofa watching what the TV can offer today
My legs twitch, my neck clicks, my body wants me to move
Away from old and new news alike

2, 3, 4 hours on the floor with a book
I could stay here forever in
A hundred other worlds, other places, other times
Where I always wanted to be

It’s hard to come back
To tidy the kitchen, put stuff away, change clothes, do teeth, get into bed and
Lie, thinking, praying, accepting
The real world that suffers
the real people I care about
the real times I live in
the real things just on the edges, which are

Not much changed
I still have one foot in worlds that don’t exist
I still don’t much
Exceed my



Mig Bardsley is a photographer, mother, grandmother, wife and writes snatches when it seems necessary.

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