Kinvara. A poem by Ciaran Cannon

Driving down by Dunguaire on a warm September morning,
You’re beside me, smiling,
Maybe at the wonder of it all,
Burren mountains tumbling headlong into the sea,
Wave after wave of molten rock meeting salty water.

I’m falling for you.

We park where fishermen’s boats bring stories from western seas,
Centuries old,
Stories of love and loss,
Made shiny and new again,
In telling the story of us.

Our song crackles across the evening radio,
And turning it up,
We roll down the windows, jump out
And dance upon the timeless tide at Trácht,
Tripping over the ancient blue in a moment made eternal.

In the dying light
We stumble over rocks and boulders
To a tiny sandy kingdom
And convince ourselves that it’s ours and ours alone.

And I write “I Love You”,
Inside the biggest heart,
With a yard of driftwood as a pencil.

I have fallen for you,
As sure as the sun falls each day,
Gleaming glorious light across a Galway sky.

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