Invisible Antagonist. A poem by Christine Lesley Nedahl

Stealthily enemy came
silently cloaked
world continued
no care
knowing nothing

Progression dire
explosion geometric
emergent casualties
no respect
old frail
young healthy.

Flattening peaks
isolation, loneliness
statistics implausible
more insane

Tomorrow comes
words repeated
rationality absent
crave normality
not today
– soon.


Originally from the Rhondda Valley, South Wales and living for the past twelve years in the Almanzora Valley, Almeria, Chris Nedahl writes about anything and everything. Micro fiction, flash fiction and poetry are currently favourite genres. Already published internationally in anthologies, in print and online, she is working on compiling a book of her poetry and seeking a publisher willing to consider it. Since becoming an expat she has enjoyed being an active, and appreciative, member of Writers Abroad. See more at: Almonds and Olives

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  1. Lovely poem. Captures so well how the disease crept up on us.

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