If I get to Scotland and Good Friday 2020. Two poems by Kevin Reid

If I Get to Scotland

I will sweat and shiver so much
I won’t be able to take photographs,
lift a pen or use my phone. I will struggle
to talk, my lungs won’t work well.
I will not breathe Scottish mist.
I will not travel by train, boat or plane.
I will not leave wherever I stay.
I will not hug and kiss.
Family and friends

will keep their distance.
My body will ache, grow weak,
a knife, a fork, a spoon, an espresso cup
will be too heavy to pick up.
I will not go to Visocchi’s
for a big Scottish breakfast with bacon and brown sauce.
If I get to Scotland, I could be confined to bed
for weeks, maybe months.
I might only have a cough.

Good Friday 2020

For Manna

my flight
has been cancelled

I am
not in London

I am
still in Athens

you are
not in London

you are
in Scotland

we will
chat on Skype

is going
to be tough

we were
meant to hug


Kevin Reid lives and travels between Britain and Greece. His work has been published in various online and printed journals. A mini pamphlet Burdlife (Tapsalteerie) was published in 2017 and Androgyny (4word) was published in May 2018. A new pamphlet is due for publication in 2020.

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