I wait in my balcony. A poem by Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

I wait
For the world to heal
To run about merrily
Beaches and parks
Are calling me
My unicorn waits too
Don’t you worry mum
I will be out soon to
Find a new earth where
You adults will have more
Time to stop and stare
Love to share and care
My piglet will
Come alive
In buildings
I will no longer hide
I will be free and yes
By nature’s rule
I will abide
To end forever
My earth’s covid tide.


I paint, write poetry, short stories and articles in anthologies and online forums. My book “Dream Keeper A Poetography Ensemble”, was published in November 2019. Website.


  1. This time will be remembered forever. Beautiful poem.

  2. Beautiful poem. Didn’t know you write, paint and much more Bindiya. Very creative interests. One will never forget these times and will be down in history. Keep up the good work. Kiran Puri

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