I Miss and Try. Two poems by Ms Alison Black

I Miss

What I miss is friends for coffee,
Meeting friends for lunch,
The freedom to shop whenever I wanted to,
I miss hugging friends for comfort.

I miss visiting the antique shops,
I miss going to Portrush meeting people there,
I miss socializing with people,
I consider this as a holiday.

To keep positive,
People are in the same boat,
Be appreciative of we have communication,
We still have mobile phones & email for contact.


I know how to cry,
Know how to create it,
I know when to face it,
Know it when it comes to move you closer,
Give it a try.

From rags to riches,
It’s the name of the game,
We have nothing to lose,
Wind in your hair,
Looking for a rhythm.

Make you a promise,
You are not going to see me cry,
Nothing at all,
Making dreams come true.


I am a writer from Belfast, been writing for over 10 years. I write from the heart rather than fiction. People like my poems which I have cheered people up through my writing. A member of women aloud N.I.

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