I am Grieving. A poem by Damien Carroll

The schools closed, the crèches closed,
a shadow arrived.
Something happened inside me.
I lost some focus, I drifted.
Normal routines changed, something felt different.
Unable to watch fun TV, unable to read my book.
Shutdown arrived, that feeling intensified.
Am I unwell?
I awoke this morning with heartache.
I am grieving. I am grieving for a friend
who has died, but I don’t know him.
I am grieving for the things I took for granted.
I am grieving for past connections lost.
I am grieving for coffee with friends.
I am grieving for my natural expectations.
I am grieving.
I am not alone, but I feel alone.
I may even be heartbroken, but I’ll survive.
In time I’ll walk again among the flowers and breathe in
the beauty around me, in the company of friends.


Damien Carroll is a child of Dublin. As he was born in February his horoscope suggests that he is honest and known for being one of a kind. That line says everything about Damien, never believe in your horoscope.

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