Hope by Siobhan Twomey

When I had turpentined the brushes
hammered lids on paint
pushed my new basket of gleaming bleaches
under the sink.
Stowed the tins, and stopped
checking my wrist for steps. I promised
Promised myself I would wear lipstick.
More than likely red.
And I would wear heels.
Red too.
That first day when we could do “County”
I wore the lipstick on the drive.
Until outside Aldi.
The shoes are in a box.
I lift this lid and smile.
They haven’t touched Earth
Siobhan Twomey is an acupuncturist and reflexologist from Lismore in Co Waterford. She has been published in Bangor Literary mag and Poetry Bus.magazine.


  1. I love the detail in that Siobhan. And the symbolic red. Memorable.

  2. love it Siobhan

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