Hey Google – Coronavirus edition. A poem by Nicholas Lenane

Hey google, what is all this Coronavirus business?
I didn’t take it seriously at first, I’ll admit it

Now, there is death and disruption all across the globe,
And I just sitting here, stuck in my robe

Hey Google, I’m getting overwhelmed, and filling with fears
I am trying to adapt, and hold back tears

Hey Google, is it true that ‘this too shall pass’
I miss my music sessions, and the Sunday morning mass

Hey google, how exactly should I wash my hands?
I’m living in a world that I just don’t understand

Ok Google, I am getting used to the self isolation,
Tell me more about Yoga, Netflix and this ‘meditation’

Hey Google, is it time I finally learned to cook?
Hold on Google, let’s hear from Karen on Facebook

Hey Google, the beauty salons are closed it’s not very fair,
What am I to do with my face and all this curly hair?

Hey Google, why is everyone telling me ‘now is the time to write a novel’,
I’m just trying to survive, another day in this hovel

Hey, Google, sometimes I think I’m going around the bend,
But then I pick up the phone, and annoy a friend

Hey Google, should I read Jane Eyre or Wuthering heights?
In Art, there is peace, distraction, and all sorts of delights

Hey Google, I’m beginning to enjoy this social distancing,
Now I can just look at the stars, and watch them glistening

Hey Google, I’ve started to watch much less of the news,
Now I sit on my balcony, entranced by the views,

I’ve started singing opera, from the very top of my voice,
The neighbours called the guards, (they’re not very nice)

Hey Google, I’m beginning to argue with the guy in the mirror,
He’s quite clever, but I will be the winner

Hey Google, I’ve alphabetized my wardrobe from a through to z,
I’m eating Christmas biscuits, and drinking weird types of tea

Hey Google, I’m on the Whatsapp and the Facebook sharing funny memes,
Humour is a powerful weapon, or so it seems

Hey Google, is this crisis bringing out the best in our community?
I’m seeing a lot of sacrifice, compassion, solidarity, unity

Hey Google, the guards arrested me for going outside my little zone,
But I managed to bribe them, with a little vodka and a poem

Hey Google, imagine the good times, when this is all finished,
We’ll be battered and bruised, but not diminished

Hey Google, is it safe to use my underwear as a protective mask?
Hey Google, this is difficult, but we’re up to the task

Hey Google, I’ve started watching Italia 90, for a bit of inspiration
(I am quite proud, to be part of this little nation)

Hey Google, what if the answer to all of this really is 42?
(half of you reading, won’t have a clue)

Hey Google, sometimes I get tired of this whole situation,
But then I remember the frontline workers, and their dedication

Hey Google, all of these deaths are filling me with sorrow,
I just hope and pray, for a better tomorrow


Nicholas Lenane is from Ardmore, Co.Waterford. He has had poems published in ‘A New Ulster’ and ‘Déise Voices’, he was featured on Life FM’s ‘Making a scene’ programme and has had an essay published in the Irish Examiner. The video of his performance piece ‘Déise Rising’ amassed over 200,000 views online in 2017. He performs regularly throughout Waterford City and County, and is a member of a number of writing groups. He is working towards his first collection.

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