Hand 2 Hand, Covid Free by Paul Byrne

Oh how I long for your hand
Your hand in mine
As I feel the warmth
Of your touch

As we truly meet eyes
Eyes that tell the story
Eyes to the soul
Eyes to the mind

Sole people
Real people
People wishing to
Engage with each other

For ordinary everyday things
Everyday I miss you
Friendship family forever
Together no more

That feeling of electricity
As your hand
Tightens in mine
The shake and intensity

Of vibration and uniqueness
Of communication
Communication now compressed
Through the eye of the lens

But who am I to judge
Judgemental am I not
But can the soul less video
Ever replace what we

Lost so fast and the
Handshake everlasting but
Now a distant memory
As we stare bleary eyed

At the computer screen
Eyes popping hands weary
From tapping the keyboard
Sure video works alright

But I long for the touch of your skin
The arms around your back
The warmest of
Hugs and the ability

To read your inner thoughts
Thoughts no more as
I stare at your beady
Screen eyes

Eyes that now mask
Your hidden soul
And so as we reside
In this global revolution

Of new age communication
Yet needing hand to hand
And yearning for the day
that COVID is no more!



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