Gratitude amid Fear. A poem by Jo Nolan

We’re told to keep our distance
We’re told to isolate
Its not a lot to ask of us
To stop this savage state

There was a time we rushed around
Too fussed to say hello
We lost our way amid the rush
It was always go, go, go

Now we wait and ponder
We see how things have turned
We try to keep each other safe
And do what we have learned

We need to thank those people
Who give their all each day
Their selfless acts for all of us
We never can repay


Creative Writing classes have been my hobby and joy since I retired. Josephine Nolan blog.


  1. Great poem Jo, and happy birthday!

  2. Great poem and sentiments Jo.

  3. Looks like you share a birthday with me Jo!

    1. That’s great Jeanne – kindred spirits eh? Jo

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