Ghazal. A poem by Jamie O’Halloran

Furled into nacre, the oyster naps in Galway Bay for shelter
Months without R’s are safest , when her bed is a safe at home shelter

Connemara expresses Spring with a free sprinkling of lambs
Springing about the mountainside bleating for their mams’ suckling shelter

May explains her rush to summer with wild garlic and violet rhododendron
Sun almost forgets to set, drowsy star sinks later each day into its horizon shelter

The footpath tracing the river is empty again this morning, as the river herself
A heron keen for salmon stations below the rocks where small fry shelter

These weeks tight-wound in the 2 k circle Jamela paces each day
Locked down in this unbarred prison, this homely cell her shelter


Jamie O’Halloran’s poems appear or are forthcoming in more than 50 journals and several anthologies, including Spillway, Prairie Schooner, and Grand Passion: Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond. She recently moved from Los Angeles, California to Connemara in County Galway, Ireland.

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