For My Girls. A Poem by Monica Keane

There will be times you’ll feel alone
look around, there’s no one there.
But, look again, more slowly
that’s me, standing by your chair.

I am walking in your garden
admiring all your flowers
I am sitting on your balcony
as we while away the hours.

I am passing silly comments
that make you roll your eyes.
Or, maybe giving comfort
because I am old and wise.

There is no need to feel alone
while we have to be apart.
For everywhere I go, you go
Cocooned within my heart.

So, when this time is over
and we are together again
we will share hugs and kisses
and say, “Remember when?”



Monica lives in Sandyford in Dublin. She has always dabbled a bit with light-hearted verse for almost every occasion. Since retiring from full-time work in recent years she is now enjoying taking her writing a little more seriously.

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