Find the Buddha Within. A poem by Bindiya Bedi Charan Noronha

The covid cactii grows
My mind slows
Did I water my Buddha?
I must look within

In silence
I connect
I find thorns of
Anxiety and rancour
Getting stronger

I call out to my
Buddha nature
I want to be wise

To do the right thing
Without a mood swing
I must stop cribbing
Gratitude in my heart will
Let peace reside

I go outside
In the world of
Turbulent noise
How do I cope?

My Buddha comes forth
To whisper some advice
Be love be kindness
In noise be calm
You will become wise.


I paint, write poetry, short stories and articles in anthologies and online forums. My book “Dream Keeper A Poetography Ensemble”, was published in November 2019. Website is

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