Fenced in. A poem by Sarah Cameron

The chickens are on lockdown,
banished from the newly planted rows
of cabbages and beans.
They prowl the perimeter,
and look for loopholes.
Two slip under
for an afternoon of blissful rediscovery,
bathing in dusk until,
the heavy-handed constable,
I chase them back
and bolt the door.
I plug the gaps and watch
them settle to confinement,
scraping grass and scratching gravel,
sitting safe in the dark comfort
of the nesting box.

I could learn a lot
from chickens.

Sarah Cameron 28/04/2020

For non-fiction about the pandemic, visit: https://medium.com/@vasilionlaura/recalibrating-life-from-a-small-scottish-village-bb8d77657550?sk=91004e5ac57e5ad9191b00f381dde09a

Sarah Cameron lives and works in Scotland with her family and five chickens.

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