Fattening My Curves. A Poem by Roisin Bugler

Reasoning with unreasonable circumstance
liberties a luxury once taken for granted
plant sunflower seeds of hope
(we can summer anywhere)*
But anxiety creeps in like poison ivy.

Keep social media distance from griping
keyboard warrior tyrants ranting bile
shooting mouths off to score some points
shoulda woulda couldas dying
for some fish and chips from Beshoffs.

For kids its Pancake Monday
Tuesday Wednesday… every day
A bid to keep it light and cheery
Self-medicating chocolate calories
flatten the curve is fattening my belly.

Stay the hell at home wash
your hands palms fingertips thumbs
the back of them you know so well
cracked skin stinging from rubbing

alcohol at the local is deferred
race of greyhounds horses rats postponed.
Turns out not all work is so essential
cause for some an existential crisis.
Please desist and keep your social distance.


*reference from Seamus Heaney 


Róisín Bugler has had work published in Boyne Berries, Ropes, The Poetry Bus, Sonder Magazine and forthcoming in Quarryman.  She is involved with Scariff Bay Community Radio coordinating a literary show called ‘A Flow of Words’.  She was the winner of Strokestown Percy French prize for Witty Verse and runner up in the Padraic Colum International Gathering competition both 2019.


  1. Enjoyed this poem by Roisin Bugler – can identify with the clever reference to curve /belly! Thank you Roisin you really captured it.

  2. A woman of many talents, Roisin Bugler. Love the juxtaposition of dying / for some fish and chips..

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