Falling (for Len). A poem by Susan Hitching

Your breathing has worsened
our calls limited to minutes

I say the same things in urgency

you struggle
through ill-fitting dentures
and oxygen mask.

I listen to your every sound
so closely not to miss you

your words mostly lost
in a breath
fallen before it rises.

I am left hanging stomach gnawing
feeling hollow
trying to find something
new to say.

The switch is unfamiliar
leaning on me
and my dull conversation.

I muster strength
to deliver empty words
that hit back resounding.

I have fallen into you
still falling
down into your hollow bony frame,
skin draped upon a lungless cage.

I struggle for footage
to rescue you.


Gathered together for the first time in her debut collection ‘dare i be gentle’, Susan Hitching’s poetry twists in breezes you can almost feel as you read. Susan’s words summon the power of rural landscapes, offering the sense of inhaling a breath of fresh, wild air. Buy your copy here: https://tinyurl.com/ycmbtz8s

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